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I’m acting like its weekend already when in fact its only 12:49am of Wednesday.


Sweet Jesus
Staph playing with my feels
R.I.P my fellow Michael girls. See you all in hell.

this is from a youtube video but i edited it in a audio version

leahblahblah Ermehged you will die after hearing this

To more nights like this.

These past few days my body clock went back to its abnormal state. It allows me to sleep so late like in the wee hours of early morning and it sucked because I had to get up early because I have school.

But tonight’s and exception because for the first time in a long time, I can feel the sleep crawling in. I know 12:35am is still late but to me and to my stubborn body clock, its the earliest I could get.


"imagine 20 years from now : 
‘So this is it?’ Ashton asks to the boys who were strapping on their instruments. They were all crowding backstage, waiting for their cue to come on. Luke sighs, along with Michael. ‘This is it, our last show’ Calum smiles sadly. ‘Let’s make this one count.’ Luke finishes before running out to the stage with as much energy as he could muster. As Ashton walks over to the drumsets he sees out to the arena to see old fans and some relatively new fans screaming and crying out their names. It was all so bittersweet. Michael fumbles with the chords of his guitar as he lets out a massive sigh into the mike. The empty hole in his heart getting hard to bare. Calum waves to the audience with a small goofy smile as everyone slightly smiles back. 
Their last show was filled with cries of laughter as their old keeks, twitcams, and old photos were playing on the bigscreen as they perform their new songs and old ones…
‘Hey guys-’ Ashton starts before getting cut off by Luke. ‘Don’t you mean hi?’ Luke winks before Michael thumps him over the head muttering the the words ‘Shut up Luke’ with a slight smile as he reminisces on all the times he said those words to Luke. Which happened to be a lot. ‘Anyway, do you guys remember the first video we ever posted on Youtube? The one where we played together as a band for the first time?’ Ashton questions before taking a cajon out and walking towards the front of the stage. ‘The one where I was batman?’ Calum laughs as he gives his bass to the stage manager and sits down at the edge of the stage, near Ashton. ‘No, I don’t remember. Our band sucked too much to remember.’ Luke laughs, also handing his instrument to his stage member as he takes a seat next to Calum. ‘How could I forget? I dyed my hair back to it’s natural color for this!’ Michael says, sitting on a chair behind Luke.  
‘This is how our band started..’ Ashton starts to say, as he hits the beginning beats of Teenage Dirtbag. ‘And this is how it’s gonna end’ Michael sadly smiles before strumming along to Ashton’s beats. ‘We love you guys so much, thank you for always being there for us’ Luke announces. ‘We wouldn’t have taken over the world without you guys’ Calum states. ‘Aw shit guys, don’t cry. You’re gonna make me cry!’ Ashton jokes, letting a small tear fall down his face. The boys all look over to Ashton with a small smile before Calum starts ‘Her is Noelle….’

'Thanks for an amazing show everybody!' Ashton shouts once they finish their last song. 'Even though this was our last show, it sure felt like our first.' Michael chimes in, giving the audience a thumbs up with a cheeky smile. 'Family forever, am I right?' Luke shouts as he stands up and wraps his arms around Calum and Ashton. The boys in a straight line, arms wrapped on each other shoulders, staring out to the audience. 
Calum takes a deep breath before he says ‘Hi, it’s Calum. The bassist.’ 
Ashton laughs, ‘Hey I’m Ashton.’
‘Michael Cliffoconda’ Michael laughs. 
‘Thank you for being a wonderful family to us.’ Ashton finishes before they look at each other from left to right. 
‘Hi, we were in a band called 5 Seconds Of Summer’ they say together, smiling from ear to ear. 
‘And we absolutely suck’ Luke laughs.”