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IVAN ROSE PADILLA BALANO ♥ Philippines, South East Asia
Seventeen. Dreamer since 1996.
Hopeless romantic. Fairytales. Knights in shining armors.
Food. Pink. Pastel. Photography.
Still hasn't lived life to the fullest yet but is willing to.

~ Lauren Oliver


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I wish that I could say those three words back. I really do, but I can’t. Cos I don’t. Yet. And it breaks my heart knowing that by not feeling the same way, it breaks yours. I’m sorry.

Today was unbelievably exhausting. Energy’s down the drain. But I am still happy though. My friends surprised me. Sneaked into my room while I was sleeping and then cheered “happy birthday” holding a cake and balloons and popped some party confetti which made me jump on my bed literally. Thank you Lord for these people and for the 18 years that you constantly blessed me. I love you and I love these people. Please let them stay. Truly this night is one for the books.
Happy thoughts to everybody! Goodnight! :) <3

matt healy